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Our Services

Documents and Registers

Occupational Health and Safety Management File, etc...

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment of equipment, machinery & activities, etc...

Construction Safety Plans

Construction Site Files, Safety Plans & documents, etc...

Emergency Evacuation Plans

Fire Fighting Training, Evacuation Mashall Training, etc...

Training Courses Available

SAQA Accredited Health & Safety Training Courses.

Other Services

Employment Equity Report & Plan, Accredited Training Facilitator, etc...

Service Methodology

Managing Occupational Health and Safety Risk and regulatory compliance is serious business. It takes technical expertise and first-hand experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

  • Develop and execute health and safety plans in the workplace according to legal guidelines
  • Prepare and enforce policies to establish a culture of health and safety
  • Etc...

Company Information

Find out more about our accreditors and learn more about our legal documentation regarding Health and Safety Rulings.

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